write for TATA

TATA is growing every day, and we’re looking to expand our contributor/author base to get articles out more frequently. If you are interested in writing for TATA (as an ongoing gig or just a one-time thing), please email us at contact@tataclimate.org. You can use the contact form on the site if you’d prefer. At this stage in the game, we can’t offer pay for your work, but we may offer compensation in the future if funds become available. You can write as frequently or infrequently as you’d like.

Include a writing sample longer than 200 words. This could be a school assignment, a short story, a personal rant–whatever you think will convey your writing style and voice. It doesn’t have to be about climate change or the environment. However, we’d also like a short statement (~100 words, max) of your interest and/or expertise in environmental issues (essentially, convince us that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about it). You don’t need a PhD to impress us.

Remember: you can sign on for just news articles, just opinion pieces, or both. Make sure that your writing sample reflects the type of story you’re interested in writing. If you have no existing work in that category, write us something new.

We can’t wait to read your work!