Martin O’Malley announces Presidential climate change goals

Though still largely unknown by most, ex-Governor of Maryland and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is making a name for himself on climate change, revealing today his ambitious plans to tackle the issue if elected President.

While the other 2016 candidates (with the exception of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders) have either outright denied that climate change is happening, denied that human activities have any part in the phenomenon, or at best have proposed to continue President Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy, O’Malley is calling for a complete phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050. It’s a bold plan.

O’Malley says:

“We can’t meet the climate challenge with an all-of-­the‐above energy strategy, or from drilling off our coasts, or from building pipelines that bring oil from tar sands in Canada. Meeting the climate challenge requires a commitment to one simple concept: a full transition to clean, renewable energy and an end our reliance on fossil fuels altogether.”

His announcement will likely win the hearts (and possibly the votes) of climate change activists; even if he is not able to win the Democratic primary election, he still may influence the energy policy of whoever is chosen to compete in the general election.

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