Catholic Jeb Bush splits with Pope on climate change

More news from the ongoing battle between the Pope and the US Republican Party (words I never thought I’d write): Jeb Bush has publicly expressed disapproval of the Pope’s actions, joining fellow Republicans Rick Santorum and Senator Jim Inhofe.

Bush chose his words carefully (more words I never thought I’d write), saying “I hope I’m not going to get castigated for saying this by my priest back home, but I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinal or my pope…I think religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting in the political realm.”

Bush is no different from his fellow Republican candidates on his energy policy: more drilling at home, less buying from OPEC, and don’t bother funding renewable energy because it’s inefficient. The lack of motivation for alternative energy makes him less than attractive as a President from an environmentally-minded point of view, but there are some who care more for economic gains than environmental gains, and for them he’s a safe pick.

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