Republican businessman pledges $175 million to get the GOP on track on climate change

One entrepreneur in North Carolina is after some serious rebranding of the Republican Party. Jay Faison is putting some of his riches towards starting a Political Advocacy group which will try desperately to get the GOP in tune to the realities of climate change. Faison favors using “market-based principles” rather than set-in-stone mandates from the government, but it certainly is a step in the right direction for a party that is in dire need of a rebranding.

Of the 10 GOP candidates for the 2016 race declared (and five additional predicted to join in), only one of them has broken with the party on climate change: Lindsey Graham. His politics in other areas make him a longshot for the presidency, but we nonetheless applaud his ability to see facts through rhetoric.

We also applaud Faison for chipping in to get the GOP on-board to tackle climate change. We need everyone in this fight, no matter what color flag they fly.

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